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Construction Safety Technology – Here’s Why You Need It

WakeCap - April 8, 2020 - 0 comments

The construction industry is considered as one of the most dangerous to work in – over the past century, hundreds of people have lost their lives on the job.

In fact, according to the International Labor Organization, over 6,000 people lose their lives while working in the construction industry daily. What’s worse is that a construction worker has 1/200 chance of having a fatal accident over their 45 year career.

With these numbers in mind, it is important for construction firms to have advanced safety measures to mitigate the risk of various accidents through the use of technology; and the world we live in today certainly does offer us the very best.

How Technology Can Boost Safety Measures

The introduction of technology can drastically help improve not just operations at a construction site, but also safety standards. A number of tech companies have now started offering services to the construction industry, helping them with their pursuit of more effective operations, reduced costs and improvement in safety processes.

One very important application is the enablement of real-time field reporting. This requires the integration of sensors into already existing safety equipment, such as helmets, to track and report on critical factors such as live location and productivity levels – all of this is facilitated by is part of the valuable Wireless Mesh Network technology.

Here are some specific benefits:

Create a digital twin to your construction site

Firstly, it allows you to connect to the work-site digitally. This means you can track operations and also visualize the nature of work being carried out on site.

Helps You Track And Analyze Workers

This technology helps in reporting important events in real time, such as a worker falling off the grid, slipping or tripping.

As an added benefit, it also allows you to streamline site wide evacuation and minimize risks with two-way alerts. This allows the workers to report anything unusual on the site and alert everyone immediately.

Notification Alerts

You get notified when someone steps foot in an authorized or dangerous zone. These zones can be put on high alert or marked as a no-go-entry zone for workers that don’t have the required safety clearance

Helps The Evacuation Process

During the evacuation process, you can trace each of your employees and monitor everyone’s movement. Once the evacuation is complete, you can cross check with your system to know if anyone is left or not.

Generates Live Heat Map

It also generates a live heat map of not just the workers, but also the temperature, humidity and the air pressure. This allows you to be notified of anything unusual that can affect your work. Through this feature, you can always be prepared and prevent certain accidents or disasters from claiming the life of your workers.


Besides advanced safety measures, technology in the construction industry also helps with project planning and establishing better communication within different projects – in short, this product will increase transparency, productivity and safety.