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How To Run Job Sites Safely During A Pandemic?

WakeCap - April 8, 2020 - 0 comments

In light of recent events, the construction industry like many others is redefining how they do business. As part of the community and as a construction solutions provider, we set out to help our clients with an innovative solution to this unprecedented challenge; the goal? Keep our workers safe!.

Construction companies need to automate processes and streamline activities to ensure they mitigate and reduce the risks while maintaining operations. The World Health Organization recommends maintaining a social distance within gatherings to reduce the risk of transmission.

We at WakeCap, with our network infrastructure and data capabilities, are undoubtedly in a position to help construction companies achieve augmented levels of social distancing within their worksites to keep their workers safe, follow governmental regulations and track the potential after-effects of an infection.

Today, we feel united with our community like never before. Bringing technology to the forefront of construction and solving real-world problems with our solution.

Ensure Social Distancing at the Site

  • Specify a maximum number of people per zone
  • Ensure congested areas are monitored, controlled and safe
  • Alerts concerning the zones that exceed the maximum number of workers allowed to maintain the recommended social distance

Reduce Worker-to-Worker Contact

  • Automate attendance and timekeeping to eliminate crowded worker lines and decrease the chance of the spread of diseases
  • Automate attendance to eliminate the need for touch-based devices (i.e. turnstile gates & fingerprint scanners) that allows for potential transmission through objects

Track & Control the Damage 

  • The ability to trace and identify all workers who have come in contact with a potentially infected worker
  • The ability to trail movements of a potentially infected worker throughout the site to prevent transmission through equipment
  • The ability to dynamically set the distance between the infected worker