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Doesn’t require<br />
extra equipment

Doesn’t require
extra equipment

Configurable and easy<br />
to maintain dynamically

Configurable and easy
to maintain dynamically

Long device battery life

Long device battery life

Integrates with existing<br />

Integrates with existing

WakeCap can help you gain clarity into attendance,
track supply chain issues and ensure efficient planning.

Built specifically for enterprise-sized construction companies, WakeCap powers all of your productivity, safety, connectivity and dashboarding requirements seamlessly with no disruption to current operations. You can grow your business and manage your construction projects more efficiently. WakeCap blends seamlessly into the construction workers’ hardhats, so you can monitor zone clearances, detect injuries and alert onsite workers of task updates. Our wireless mesh-network reports several functions that promote a more productive workforce.

How do we do it?



Visualize your workforce and gain immediate insight into worksite operations without disrupting the work.


Worker Productivity

Monitor and analyze workflows to understand potential issues and inefficiencies.



Ensure workers receive immediate aid upon injury with automatic, real-time reporting. Streamline site-wide evacuations with a two-way alert system that enables workers to report site hazards and managers to send alerts.


Unauthorized Access Zoning Alert

Minimize risks by setting up risk zones. Get instant alerts when unauthorized personnel gain access.


Effective Emergency Evacuation

Monitor a live feed of on-site workers when emergency evacuation plans are activated, and reach them quickly and effectively.


Real-Time Environment

Generate live heat maps of your site with sensors that stream real-time data, including: ambient temperature, relative humidity and air pressure readings.

Why We Are Different

WakeCap comprises an innovative addition to the standard harness that works seamlessly with a construction hardhat without compromising the structural integrity of the helmet. The Bluetooth mesh-network securely connects your worksite and scales up with your project. Our dashboard monitoring system easily integrates into your existing applications and project management software.

  • Enhanced Reporting and Analytics 
  • Real-time Attendance Reporting 
  • Optimized Emergency Response 
  • Digitized Worksite

Track geo-coordinates of workers operating in even the remotest areas of the construction site to notify them of alerts and ensure their safety at all times.

Allocate workers remotely to the closest zone on the site, once the location is mapped into WakeCap’s system.

Inspect activity to check the status of workers across the construction site, and get notified immediately if they are in danger.

Eliminate Manual Wokflows and Ensure Regulatory Compliance


Automating tasks like attendance reporting and site inspection reduces the errors caused by legacy systems, while helping workers complete their tasks correctly and safely.

Maximize Efficiency


Drive higher performance and efficiency out of your operation, while improving the precision of your workforce and operational metrics.

Minimize Downtime


Integrates seamlessly with your project management software and workers’ everyday gear to give you the control and visibility you need, without the costly downtime.