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What is WakeCap

WakeCap is a safety & tracking device integrated with construction helmets to provide real-time, cloud-based visibility into workers’ attendance, location and accidents.

WakeCap is an IoT-based enterprise solution for improving safety & productivity at construction sites; by enabling real-time field reporting via integrated sensors into the existing personal safety equipment, and connecting jobsites via wireless mesh network technology. 

WakeCap comprises an innovative harness that works seamlessly with a construction hard hat without compromising the structural integrity of the standard helmet; a non-GPS network that securely connects the worksite and scales up with the project and dashboard monitoring system, and thus easily integrates into existing applications and project management software. 



Evacuate Worksite


Uncover Actionable Insights

Prevent Unauthorized

Detect Falls

WakeCap Is the Answer to Construction Challenges

  • Automatic Data Collection
  • Non-GPS Mesh Network
  • Real-Time, Indoor-Positioning

It’s Simple!

Whereas other digitizing solutions in the construction industry require too many accessories and add-ons, WakeCap digitalizes the one essential piece of equipment in construction: the hardhat. 

WakeCap Expands Connectivity!

With nodes placed across the jobsite, a proprietary mesh network is deployed to expand your construction site’s connectivity and stream to the cloud via a gateway.